• Big companies don’t innovate,
    because risk taking is the key to innovation
    and big companies avoid risk.

  • Change almost never happens
    within existing organizations,
    and if it does happen, it happens at the fringes...

  • Whereas for start-ups, a 90% chance of failure
    is ok, if you have a 10% chance
    of changing the world.

  • Discover how we can accelerate
    your startup


Esense is a venture incubator that helps startups with potential of leadership in the digital transformation of healthcare to accelerate their business and connect to the greater health ecosystem.


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Acceleration for StartUps

Our acceleration programs are custom designed for the innovative ideas of each startup and to help transform their vision into viable and profitable businesses. read more

Ecosystem push

Startups that work with us are socialized across our extensive digital transformation network to maximize opportunities for collaboration and partnership. read more