Frontiers of Interaction

The top notch Tech and Innovation conference in Italy


Frontiers design and produce international events in Italy, around the topics of design, technology and innovation.

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Project Details

Since 2005 Frontiers organizes and produces Frontiers of Interaction conference that, in a very short time, it has become known as the leading international technology and innovation conference in Italy.

Frontiers gathers together the cream of the crop of the technology and design communities from all ove the world, for an hybrid show, covering emerging cutting-edge technologies that are disrupting the world as we know it, along with future trends that will shape it. Its unusual format creates an immersive experience featuring music, interactive and artistic installations, demo sites and keynotes, and makes it an ideal venue for thinkers and doers, managers and entrepreneurs, innovators and academics, early adopters and long-term geeks. Frontiers mission is to create an experience for the audience: involving everybody in a continuous flow of energy, knowledge and vision.

It also helps other companies succeeding in the world of events, education and community engagement. We have worked with amazing companies such as Prezi, Podio, Epson and frog to produce great events for them in Italy.

Along with those events, Frontiers offers a wide range of workshops and seminars in the field of digital design and development.

Also it is founding member of Talent Garden Milan, which operates the two biggest co-working spaces in Italy, fully focused on digital and creative workers. Talent Garden Milan is part of Talent Garden, the largest network of co-working spaces in Europe.



The whole banking industry is on the edge of disruption. From mobile payments to improved customer experiences; from wereables to the internet-of-things; new and better digital applications and improved in-branch technologies. This is what you will find at FrontiersX, workshop and stage presentations with the most innovative CEOs from traditional banks and CEOs from the most disruptive start-ups in the global fintech arena.


Retail is no more a store. Retail is an object in your pocket. Retail is a magic wand ready to recognise and buy things for you. Retail is a button on your fridge. Retail is your watch paying for you with a gesture and determining new habits. Retail is a space for your brand, a church for your priests, a theatre for you stories. We will see how digital and physical are joint aspects of the business. and how the user experience design might be leveraged to evolve both B2C and B2B spaces.

FrontiersX Speakers

40+ world class speakers from different disciplines and industries, and special guests. Founders, entrepreneurs, designers, managers, academics, thinkers and makers will share insights, strategies and visions in an open conversation mood during two days of keynotes, workshops, panels and coffees to grab together.